Machine Learning

From simple image recognition & support bots to game-changing financial trading algorithms.

Our Recent Projects

Saas Recommendation Engine for e-commerce

Tells your store which products to recommend each user upon each request to ensure higher conversion rates & revenues (similar & complementary products).

  • ML model training & testing
  • Service setup on GCP (Scala/Spark, TensorFlow)
  • Plugin for Woocommerce stores
  • APIs for custom integration
  • Admin panel (account setup & subscription management)

Image Recognition service

Built to avoid high costs of out-of-the-box solutions such as Amazon Rekognition. Designed for precise product & color recognition.

  • Model training and setup
  • Server setup (Tensor + Spark)
  • Service frontend (upload + results)
  • API for off-server requests

cutom Game Recommendations

Analyzes user data & recommends games the user is most likely to engage with. Increases overall metrics and revenues.

  • Data synch channel setup
  • Model training & testing
  • Service setup (server setup)

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