We are an outsourced IT company with presence in 5 countries across Europe. Forged with extreme ownership principles, strict budgeting & hard deadlines. We are ambitious and totally committed to creating incredible digital businesses and customer experiences.

Our Services

We know our strengths. And we know how to play to them.

Mobile & Web Development

Whether it’s a responsive (cross-platform) solution, a device-specific app, or a complex backend service, we can build it from the ground up.

Machine Learning (AI)

ML is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed. But most importantly, it’s the part of your business that’s supposed to automate redundant tasks, answer complex (big data) questions, and cut down overall costs.

Mobile VR / AR

While jumping into new and uncharted markets can lead to great returns, it also carries a lot of risks. The only way to hedge that risk is by getting it right the first time around. Whether it’s a cool new app or an exciting game, we can make sure it reaches its full potential in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


Using innovative tools which promote continuous integration, delivery and analysis of data at all stages of their development cycles, we are able to build the efficient, secure and sustainable infrastructures, no matter the size.

System administration

If keeping your app available to the end user at all times is your goal, you need strong team of sysadmins to make that happen. Let us manage your infrastructure and forget about disaster recovery, monitoring, and firewalls.

Our Process & Workflow.

The key to delivering projects on time and on budget lies behind a team’s ability to build, follow, and constatnly perfect its processes & workflows.

A constant push to objectively analyze and synthesize our efforts, in combination with our diverse international staff, allows us to be at the center of inovation. 

Project Research

Analyze the market. Choose the best path and vigurously plan each step

Prototyping & MVPs

Vizualize, test & restructure your ideas before risking your entire budget

UX & UI Design

Create meaningful and personally relevant experiences through series of live tests.


Get clean, sustainable and documented code that anyone can take over.


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We have offices located in both Estonia and Moldova, both countries known for talented IT experts and competitive prices. Find us on:

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Our team consists of experienced individuals in IT & Digital solutions, who combine passion, talent, and professional integrity.

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